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2004 is probably one of the first years when the majority of residential air conditioning systems sold were R410 charged.

R410 vs R22

R22 refrigerant is a single refrigerant that is being phased out over the first quarter of the 21st Century.

R410 equipment comes in 13 seer, 15 seer, 17 seer, 19 seer and 21 seer.


R22 systems are no longer being manufactured after 2010. They have been proven to be reliable over many years, however, no more advances in efficiency will be forthcoming since the systems are no longer being manufactured after 2010. This is the main reason for looking at the R410 equipment since all research and development will be going toward those systems.

The higher the seer number, the more efficient the equipment and the more costly to purchase.

Typical air conditioning systems in Calgary will be running for three months out of the year at a cost of approximately $200 for a 2500 sq. ft. home depending on the exposure (based on a 13 seer system).

If you go to a 19 seer system, you can multiply that cost by 12 and divide by 19 to arrive at your new expense.

If installing an R410 system, we recommend the Energy Star rated Lennox ACX13 with a maximum seer of 14.

More information on features, specifications and energy efficiency can be found on the Lennox website at

“Alberta Furnace’s preferred choice of air conditioning system is the Lennox ACX13 with a maximum seer of 14.”

Note: An oversized air conditioning system is far worse than an undersized system (coil freeze-ups, blower motor burnouts, etc.), therefore, an on-site home evaluation and custom quote is essential!