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11 Mar 2015, by admin in Recent News

Alberta Furnace & Heating is your # 1 source for In-Floor Heating. Contact Us today for a Consultation. 403.289.0089

  • Maggie Scott Reply

    I had Alberta Heating instal my furnace a few years ago – was very impressed with both your service and your price.
    I am now looking at some options for airconditioning.
    I bought a portable A/C unit, however my windows are a bit high for the 4 ft hose.

    Is there such a thing a zone specific a/c? The rear or my house – 2 bedroos, kitchen/dining room/family room are west facing. Only the bedroom (1) and kitchen actually require airconditioning.
    Is there an option?

    I work shift work for Calgary 911, so not always easy to reach me. Off Monday & Tuesday and can be reached at 403-607-9363. Otherwise, please leave a message and I wil call you back
    I may look at whole house A/C but it seems a bit excessive as the rest of the house is East facing and typically
    maintains a cooler temperature through the day.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


    Maggie Scott

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